• La Favorita

    La Favorita Live was born in Cuneo during the first years after the second world war, working anchovies taken from some fishermen who comes from Liguria in change of some typical products of our region (the Piedmont) like mushrooms, chestnuts, flour etc…


    Gluten Free Condiments


    We used the best quality natural ingredients adding no preservatives or coloring according to old traditional cookery methods and recipes. We always worked the raw materiaals in a simple and natural way, maintaining the pure taste of the ingredients and giving the costumer the feeling of eating the product fresh (“just picked”).



    Our Signature Pestos

    In time, La Favorita takes the idea of new products from ancient recipes of common country cook- house from Piedmont and Liguria as; tomato sauces , vegetables in oil , fruits in syrup with typical wines, stuffed hot peppers in olive oil.



  • La Favorita

    Devoting our most passionate & serious efforts in the handicraft of producing delicious gastronomic Italian specialities.

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