• Luscombe

    Welcome to Luscombe, where we’ve been making beautiful drinks since 1975. Based on a farm in deepest Devon, all of our drinks are crafted with exceptional care and integrity. Gabriel David, the head of our family-owned business, sources the ingredients direct from growers he trusts. There are no compromises, only the best goes in the bottle.

    Luscombe Drinks is a family-owned business based on a farm in South Devon. Since we began making drinks in 1975 our orchards have offered up their best fruit for our apple juices. Some of the elderflowers are hand picked from the hedgerows so these too are picked at their absolute best.

    That’s how we begin making all of our drinks, with the best ingredients available. No compromises on quality. We build long term relationships with growers around the world and pay them the right price to guarantee getting the best of their crop. That means being able to use fruit that is grown in perfect conditions and harvested at the right point of its maturity. It takes time and energy, but for Gabriel David, who is the head of the business, this detail is everything.

    All of our drinks are hand-made in small batches and have subtle variations in taste or colour depending on the conditions our growers have encountered during the season. The drinks often have sediment, which is evidence of their authenticity and the proof that we use as few juicing processes as possible. Take it as read that we do not use additives, concentrates or enhancers of any kind.

    Happily, after nearly forty years in business, we continue to see the fruits of our labours. We have grown, but still remain true to our roots – only the best goes in a Luscombe bottle.

  • Luscombe

    Welcome to Luscombe, where we've been making beautiful drinks since 1975.

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