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    We don’t make shortbread to win prizes. But it seems we just can’t help it. So far we’ve won 59 Great Taste awards.A short(bread) history of a baking dynasty


    A short(bread) history of a baking dynasty

    Modesty often forbids Anthony Laing to discuss the matter, but there is no denying the fact that the family behind the success of Shortbread House of Edinburgh is one with a strong baking tradition. Anthony’s father was Lord Laing who was chairman of United Biscuits. Which is why the family has been referred to more than once as a baking dynasty.


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    “I’d given little thought to shortbread in its every form, shrugging it off as just another oversweet biscuit. But then I tried Shortbread House. And  I’m converted for life. Rich, deeply buttery and wonderfully crumbly, they’ve won endless Great Taste awards. Handmade in the old-fashioned way too. Simply magnificent.” Tom Parker Bowles

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    Hand Cut With Love


    From Edinburgh to the world

    The product was proving to be a big hit, and from a small customer base in Scotland the company grew, winning customers throughout the UK and abroad. In fact 30% of the business is now exports. Last year alone they exported to no less than 21 countries.

    In 1989 Anthony & his wife Fiona decided to make the most of the Laing family’s generations of baking experience by buying an existing one-woman business based in Scotland’s historic capital city of Edinburgh.


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    The superiority of Shortbread House products has been endorsed by the company winning over 59 of the prestigious Great Taste Awards over the years, including a 2 Gold award for their best-selling Original Recipe Shortbread. These awards are judged by a panel of experts who undertake a blind tasting. All the products are judged purely on taste. In addition, Shortbread House’s Original Recipe Shortbread was Reserve Champion in the awards for Best Scottish Product at the Great Taste Awards ceremony in London. Products have to be entered on a rotational basis so a product cannot win an award in consecutive years.


    Kneading dough

    Shortbread House branded products are genuinely made by hand using traditional methods. This gives the products a unique taste and texture.



    You may have tried it already without even knowing

    Nothing deters the family from the path of ‘shortbread without shortcuts’. That’s why this delicious multi award-winning shortbread can be found in all the best places. You might be served it in a 5 star hotel, find it on the shelf of a world famous food emporium (Fortnum and Mason in London, KaDeWe in Berlin and Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, Takashimaya, Singapore to namedrop just a few), and of course it is enjoyed in any number of houses (including one full of Lords)


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    Shortbread House make all their products to order to ensure that they can be delivered to the customer as fresh as possible. Their range of premium products is sold in quality stores in the UK and abroad.

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    Perfect for Tea Parties and Boardroom Meetings, Served in well-established hotels namely, The Doncaster,UK , The Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland & The Ritz Carlton Millennia Singapore


  • Shortbread House of Edinburgh

    We don’t make shortbread to win prizes. But it seems we just can’t help it. So far we’ve won 59 Great Taste awards!!

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