How It Works


Proceed to the sign up page to register your personal details.

An email will be sent, containing information like your username, password and

documents needed to be uploaded.


Log on to the customer portal using the username and password given.

Upload the documents stated in the email for verification by our staff.


Browse through the list of available projects that we have .

Choose a project that you would wish to fund.

Inform our staff on the project name and ID.


Decide on the amount of funds you would wish to invest in your account.

Decide yourself whether you want to invest in a start-up and receive a share in its profits or whether you want to invest in a growth company and receive fixed interest payments.

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Be a Successful Investor
Even without Large Amounts of Capital

Thus far, only professional investment companies have had the opportunity to invest in promising start-ups and to multiply their investment if the start-ups developed successfully.

At FundTree, anybody can invest in start-ups without having to make a large investment. Consequently, you do not need much capital to invest successfully, for you can also create your own investment portfolio on FundTree step by step. You can start with small investments and expand your portfolio over time, and you can invest profits from successful investments in new start-ups.