About Us

Company Background 

Founded in 9 Jun 2015 by Keentec Marketing & Enterprise Pte Ltd and Mossad Holdings Pte Ltd, Hirosawa is the mark of the popular Total Integrated Solutions services. Our solutions is known for Automated & Specialized Cleaning.   Hirosawa Clean Technic Holdings Pte Ltd currently employs Expertise and Management people in the greater area to enable the delivery of capabilities and services to customers in the F & B Industry.


Benefits of Our Proposed Plan


When comparing our capabilities and proposed solution to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing are: Robotics Food Wares Collection to improvement in business model, high ROI, monthly cost savings, short time to completion, service reliability and lower implementation cost.

Our Mission Statement


The company’s mission is to Total Integrated Solutions.

Competitive Advantages


Company Recognition

Hirosawa Designs 20.6 meter long Semi Auto Dish Washing Lines to ensure food wares hygiene demanding. Main Distributor of Japan Magic Bio Kun Food Recycling Machine, ESS serial Electrolysis Water Generator, Aqua Fine Bubbles Machine and H2 Hydrogen Water Server.


Expertise & Stability

Highly knowledgeable workforce: All our Services Engineers are trained in Japan with technological skills and stability.



High performance reliability of Automatic Robotics System, professional food wares monitoring system, effectives of Alkaline and Acidic electrolysis water application for dish washing, general cleaning and hygiene demanding. Total food waste solution with Bio food waste recycling machine.

Customer Service

On site duty services engineer provided. On job training provided. On site management provided. On site Technical/Maintenance support provided.


Team Qualifications

Key Team Members: 
Mr. Charlie Chun 
Ex Aircraft Engineer 
Japan Magic Bio Kun and ESS serial Services Engineer


Performance metrics.

* Change in consumer behavior
* Shorter a waiting time of dine table
* To eliminate food poisoning pathogeny bacterium and deodorisation