Food Waste Machine



Food Waste Recycling Machine

What’s the best way to dispose of kitchen garbage? Leave it to Mother Nature. Magic Bio Kun uses the activity of naturally occurring microbes to process raw kitchen and organic garbage.

*Volume reduction will differ based on the volume and state ( components, moisture content) of the garbage to be processed.

Kitchen Garbage Input


Open the chute and insert kitchen garbage. ( safety features interrupt operation in case the chute is opened during agitation operation. )

Shredding Reduces Size

After 30 Mins

Non-fiber material is almost completely reduced, inserted garbage is mixed and no longer identifiable. Temperature is higher in the agitation tank, and some steam is being produced

Component Fermentation Breakdown

After 60 Mins

Biotech Yumosa generates active fermentation breakdown. Water contained in kitchen garbage evaporates, passing into the atmosphere together with carbon dioxide.

Variety of locations that handle food:


Processable Materials

Processable Materials

Bread, Rice, Noodles, Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Fish and most other edible items.



Items Suitable for Shredding

Rice, Bread ( Large Volumes ), Fish Bones, Egg Shells, Chopsticks, Bamboo Shoots, Onion Skins, Cut Flowers.


Non Processable Items

Plastics, Fiber, Shells, Metals Porcelain, Glass, Chewing Gum Etc.



Items to be avoided in Magic Bio Kun

Try and avoid putting items listed below in Magic Bio Kun:

Liquid ( Water, Oil) Runoff, Cosmetics, Cigarete Butts, Cigarettes, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Medicin, Perfumes, Etc.


The True Power of Bio Processing


Biotech Yunosa uses the activity of microbe living in nature to break down kitchen garbage and organics. Magic Bio Kun uses this material to act as a food resource recycling machine. This machine breaks down the organics in kitchen garbage into water and carbon dioxide. Use Magic Bio Kun to efficiently Process large amounts of garbage that you generate on a daily basis.

Easy Operation Lets you reduce garbage volume by an incredible amount.

Once you put your garbage in, Magic Bio Kun agitates it into fine pieces inside the holding tank. From here, Biotech Yunosa uses fermenting to break down organic components. Rice, bread and other kitchen garbage are mainly carbohydrates. Leftover meat and fish are mainly proteins. Vegetables are mainly fiber. Magic Bio Kun takes all of these different organics and breaks them down, efficiently processing large volumes of garbage. we also designed the machine to be simple to operate. Just select the operating mode on the touch panel and start processing. Magic Bio Kun doesn’t take much in the way of maintenance, eothre. Residue Cleaning isn’t as frequent as you might think.