About Nam Ho

National and Custom Flag & Banner Makers since 1968.

Nam Hoe Industry (“南和”) was established in 1968. The inspirational hard-earned success of Singapore independence was the catalytic driver to the formation of Nam Hoe, the first registered flag manufacturer in Singapore. The derivation of Nam Hoe was a legacy of value system that was passed down by our forefathers that kept our family united. At Nam Hoe, we believe that every established integrated modular unit is essential to the integrity of that unity and our values will serve as guide posts in keeping us align that eventually got translated into a culture over time.

For eons, the symbolism on a flag has proven itself as that vital visual communication tool that is essential for building the nation. In 1968, our nation was still young, recognising the fragility of our national identity, we started as a single product national flag maker to be part of a building block to promote the national identity by increasing public awareness with more flags. Over time, we have expanded our flag manufacturing capacity and diversified our business functions to support various public or government linked organisations, small medium enterprises (SMEs), multi-national corporations (MNCs), events and conferences in their branding process.